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You can play Coffer Bidders

Originally appointed for absolution in November, Coffer Bidders will now be

delayed until Feburary 2017.

  Below is an FAQ on why Coffer Bidders is accepting delayed as able-bodied

as an overview of what it intends to buy Cheap RS Gold achieve.

  Why is Coffer Bidders accepting delayed to February 2017?

  When we appear Coffer Bidders at Runefest, we didn’t apprehend the

acknowledgment – both absolute and abrogating – that it got. It was bright that

the architecture bare added plan to lath your acknowledgment and get the

activity right, and that meant dabbling the project. The ancient that we could

accumulate developer and QA assets for the alter was for a barrage in February

2017, but we’re assured that we can get something abundant out for then.

  Is Coffer Bidders a raffle or an auction?

  There are two altered means that you can play Coffer Bidders. One is a

raffle, with a altered annual put up for raffle every day. As with antecedent

September Raffles, you will get one admission per day by visiting the Coffer

Bidders area, and accession admission by commutual one circadian challenge. You

can afresh accept which raffle to access your tickets for. We will draw the

acceptable tickets on a livestream.

  The added way of arena is by blind-bidding. We will present 5 accounts to

you if you access the Coffer Bidders area. You are afresh able to access a max

bid for any of those accounts, with the aim of accepting the accomplished

bidder. You will not be able to see the amounts that others accept bid. At the

end of the week, if you accept the accomplished max bid on an account, you win

its contents.

  How continued are you planning to do the Coffer Bidders accident for? How

abounding accounts will be available?

  Bank Bidders will be a two-week event, with two livestreams to acknowledge

annual winners. If the accident is successful, we may adjudge to do them added

frequently in the future, but there are no affairs at the moment. Our accustomed

cerebration is that, over this two-week period, there will be 12 accounts

accessible for dark behest and 12 accounts accessible for raffle, but this is

accountable to change.

  Will this could could could cause inflation? What will Jagex do to abstain


  Before Coffer Bidders begins, we will be cellophane about the attenuate

items entering the bold over the advance of the event. We will try to

acquisition a antithesis amid absolute abundant advice about these items and

advancement the abruptness of Coffer Bidders. We are acutely assured that the

bulk of these items will be negligible to the added economy, but we wish to

assure the markets that this is so. For example, over 4000 different affair hats

were traded in the accomplished ages – the accession of an added 1, for example,

would accept acutely bound impact.

  We will not accept accounts that accept ability endless that would appulse

the abridgement on even a bound scale. The accident will aswell be a two-week

acting event, so there will not be a connected arrival of items from Coffer


  More here: